Famous international online payment processing system “Skrill” has made provisions for Nepalese that now they can use and transfer the money of Skrill account through E-Sewa.

British company Skrill that has been providing International money transfer service in a very low rate. Skrill has recently done partnership with HomeSend. HomeSend Master Card, BICS and eservglobe are joint venture of international money transfer.

E-Sewa is taken as Nepal’s popular local online payment gateway. Through E-Sewa we can pay bills, buy goods and transfer money in local bank account. Like in PayPal, in E-Sewa also we can do various online transactions. Buying movie ticket, online shopping can also be done through E-Sewa. In Nepal, E-Sewa is one of the most reliable medium for online business.

How to take out money from Skrill and collect it in E-Sewa wallet?

From your Skrill account to collect money in your E-Sewa wallet you have to log in to Skrill account. After that, click on mobile wallets option at the top of menu bar. Now from list click on ‘E-Sewa Nepal” and put the phone number of E-Sewa that you have put during the time of registration.

Once, after you add E-Sewa wallet option in your Skrill account, you can click on “withdrawal” button on the bottom of dashboard and transfer as much money as you want to in E-Sewa wallet. During this, you must get the notification message from E-Sewa account in your phone as SMS.

If you transfer money from Skrill to E-Sewa like this, then Skrill will take 1% of your sent money as service charge.