DOTI Smart Palika

3rd May 2021, Kathmandu

‘Smart Municipality App’ is a multi-purpose application that contains the information of the concerned municipality. By using information and technology, you will be able to see all the information of the work done by the municipality, you will be able to see the overall profile including the personal details of the village municipality. Personal incidents related to registration (birth, death, marriage, divorce, and relocation) can be done from home through the app, complaints can be lodged directly with the people’s representatives and employees and can be answered through the same.

SmartPalika app aims to impact Local Governments, Representatives, and People with its benchmark quality Technology, Smart Tools, Database & Artificial Intelligence. The ‘Smart Municipality App’ has been launched in three municipalities of the Doti district. Smart municipality applications have been prepared and brought into operation in Jorayal, KISingh village municipality, and Shikhar municipality of the district. The ‘Smart Municipality App’ has been handed over to the three municipalities with the financial support of the European Union and DCA.

Mahesh Pariyar, the District Coordinator of the Parivartan Project, said that the app has been developed in coordination with the municipality to maintain good governance in the municipality.

Chairman of Jorayal Village Municipality, Durgadatta Ojha, said that it would be very useful for the citizens of the municipality as they would be able to get information about the progress and work of the municipality through the application at home.

The application prepared through the transformation project was handed over to Jorayal and KISingh villages and Shikhar municipality on Thursday, said Padam Mijar, information officer of Sam Bikas Kendra Nepal.


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