Agreement for Smart Integration

21st May 2022, Kathmandu

SmartChoice Technologies Limited and FirstPay Technologies have reached an agreement for the integration of SmartQR and FirstPayQR.

Narayan Prakash Bhuju, Chief Executive Officer of SmartChoice Technologies Limited, and Saurabh Rijal, Chief Executive Officer of First Pay, signed the agreement at Smart Choice Technologies’ central office in Gairidhara.

According to a circular issued by Nepal Rastra Bank in Magh, the agreement was reached in accordance with the inter-affiliation instructions given to all licensed payment system operators and payment service providers.

About Smart Choices Technologies (SCT)

SmartChoice Technologies Ltd. established in 2001, popularly known as SCT and SCT-Network is a Payment Service Operator (PSO) licensed under the Nepal Central Bank.

SCT provides different types of Cards and Payment Platforms to most of the Commercial Banks, Development Banks, PSPs (Payment Service Providers), and other financial institutions in Nepal.

SCT has also entered into a strategic alliance with international payment processors and schemes (UnionPay International, Pulse Network, FSS, etc.) to extend its services and accessibility.

SCT is Pioneer to introduce the first of its kind, integrated shared switching payment Network in Nepal, along with the Domestic proprietary Card Scheme (SCT) in Nepal.

SCT offers diversified payment services ranging from Issuance of Dual Interface (Contact and Contactless) Debit and Prepaid Card (Domestic and International), Interconnection of ATM & POS, Interoperability between multiple BFIs, Gateway to International Schemes, QRC Payment Platform, and complete solution of Financial Technology thereby supporting the growth and infrastructure for Digital payment in Nepal.

SCT is an indigenously developed payment system in Nepal- designed to meet the expectation and needs of Nepalese Consumers, Banks, PSPs, merchant’s echo-system, and other domestic digital platforms.

About FirstPay Technology Pvt. Ltd.

FirstPay Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a Payment System Operator (PSO) licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank that provides technology, equipment, and support to connect merchants to customers.

It has entered into a partnership agreement with world-leading payment channels and operators to receive and manage payments from international and national payment gateways.

FirstPay Technology Pvt. Ltd. develop and distribute advanced payment technology services that bridge the gap for national and international merchants seeking to provide services to consumers through national and international gateways.

FirstPay has specific insight and technology that allows organizations to optimize the payment experience for their customers while eliminating operational challenges—from invoicing to payment reconciliation.

FirstPay’s comprehensive QR code payment solution empowers sales opportunities by enabling merchants to seamlessly receive and reconcile payments from anyone, anywhere in the world—at any time.


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