Snake Is Back Everyone

Snake, a classic and popular mobile phone game in the ’90s and 2000 is back as “Snake Rewind”. The developer of the original mobile phone game, Taneli Armando revealed that he was working with a mobile game publisher Rumilus Design to bring back the iconic game on smartphones with updated graphics, power-ups, and sound effects. The smartphone version of the game will be released next week and will be available on both iOS and Android platform.

Snake game first appeared on Nokia’s 6110 handsets in 1997. Snake saw players controlling a serpent racing around, frantically trying to stop it crashing into walls. Despite the simple graphics and gameplay (players needed to control the snake which would get bigger with each mouse it ate, if the snake crashed the walls the game was over), Snake proved to be a huge success. Players could try to beat their own scores and also compete with their friends to see who scores better.

In this new revamped smartphone version “Snake Rewind”, there are 10 levels, the final level being the original “Snake” game. But, only after completing the first 9 levels the players will be able to unlock the final level of the game.

Although, a free to play the game, “Snake Rewind” will also give the players an option to unlock the original game (final level) by purchasing the in-app purchases. The in-app purchases will also feature power-ups and booster, for the players who want to have an advantage and easily beat the game levels.