Director of Sega Computer Link, Joint Secretary of CAN Federation Kaski Chapter, Youth Motivator, ICT Personality, ICT Youth Mobilizer, ICT Learner, A Young Dynamic Leader, ICT Leader in Pokhara, Mr. Bikash Bhurtel. He Serves  Social service through his sector in ICT.

Why did you think students choose Sega Education Foundation?

SEGA has built up a high reputation in the sector of IT during the ten years of its establishment. The well-fascinated environment for students, quality education system, Frank; qualified and well-experienced teacher enhance students to join SEGA education foundation.

Will you please share us your habit on the use of social media?

Social media nowadays is being a popular means of communication in everyone’s life.
I am also in the habit of using Social Media like Facebook and Twitter. And I do use it to promote business, general news, and entertainment along with entertainment.

Apart from IT? What are your interests?

IT is my passion. Besides, I enjoy watching and playing cricket and football.
I love to travel and explore new places too.

How do you keep yourself updated with technology, considering that technology today is enhanced almost every day?

With the help of search engines, magazines and news, I update myself.

Can you share with us the most satisfying moments in your professional life?

I feel proud when I find the product of SEGA in various fields. Due to the high flow of some students, SEGA is successful to open its branch, which is one of the most satisfying moments of my life.

What kind of attitudes do you find it difficult to work with? How do you handle people in a particular position?

People have their personality and attitude. It’s tough to tackle those who have an ego problem. But Accordingly, we face the people understanding their nature of mentality.

Do you have any questions to ask us?


What challenges are you looking for your business?

Today’s world is the world of globalization and IT. It’s been emerging the competitive market in every field. Thus, evolving new technologies and competitive environment is the most common challenges for today’s existing business.

Do you have anything to share through ICT FRAME?

SEGA is the education center which offers different classes mainly focusing on computer courses.
If you are interested in taking computer classes, I request you to join SEGA and provide SEGA family to serve you. We will offer you satisfaction. Finally, I would like to thank ICT FRAME family for providing me such a platform to share my view and wish you all the best for the bright future.