Social Marketing practice is guided by ethical principles, and As social marketers make choices about the theoretical models, they used in their program to integrate the marketing concept. To develop various approaches to influence behavior and other individual benefit and communities for the more significant social media marketing which is guided by ethical principle. It seeks to integrate best practice, research, audience, theory, and partnership insight which informs the delivery of competitive and segmented social changes which s efficient, equitable, effective and sustainable.

Various social marketing groups are working with group acknowledge and contested the nature of social marketing practices and theory which strength and manifest the sophisticated kind of the social marketing field. The intention didn’t close the inevitable and ongoing debate of nature which mainly focus social marketing. The main aim is to build a shared narrative which is used by supporting association which helps to promote social marketing as a valuable core component of social programmed for improving the human condition.

ESMA and ISMA began an inclusive process and iterative to develop a consensus definition of social marketing. A working group leads this work on behalf of ISMA and ESMA. AASM agreed to contribute and participate in the process. The process consists of membership which is trawl to develop accepted principles of social marketing to understand the definition. This process includes online members were given the opportunity to see the developing nation and some suggestion for improvements.

There is five consideration which was taken into account for the developing nations:

It recognized the census statement. The census would be able to support association to develop a standard narrative about the nature of social marketing which assists the collective aim of capturing and spreading the right practices.

Focus on both the nature and purpose of social marketing practices.

It should be short and concise as possible.

It should be as unambiguous as possible.

It translates languages to other English without any loss of substantive meaning.