Earthquake Engineer from Nepal, A Social Activist, A Youth Motivator, Young professional Engineer, Samir Nepal.

How do you define yourself?

I am a civil engineer with specialization in earthquake engineer with efforts to contribute to the community in every which way possible. At this phase of life, I see myself as a youth social activist and social volunteer through Rotaract Nepal as District Rotaract Representative.

Who inspired you to involve in the Engineering Sector?

Civil engineering is the oldest branch of engineering; it has deep relation with the way of living of humans.   In addition to that,   Innovation and technology that is contributing to the global economy are what made me craving towards the engineering sector.

Similarly, the contribution that the engineering sector has made to simplify human life is one of the many reasons to get attracted to engineering.

Are you a team player?

Yes indeed, I love to facilitate, lead and exchange the learning between the teammates.  As it is said, ‘Team works makes dream work’ is always strength to achieve the tasks that a single person or few of them can even think of.  Friends, be a team player, and you will all realize its beauty.

Your Best Search Engine and Why?

I use Google the most. It is because it is user-friendly and also has a diversity of resources available in it.

Will you please share us your habit on the use of social media?

Social Media has been an integral part of youths like me.  I use various social Media like twitter, linkedin, facebook, Instagram, etc. I have been using them as a hub to share positive and relevant information that can contribute to motivating youths in specific to add to the community in every which way possible. With advantages as well as limitations of each type of Social Media, they have to be used for their specific purposes. I believe that Social Media needs to be handled with great attention and skill. It is because, this can be a powerful tool to unite and create solidarity among youths, community and like-minded group of people.

How selective are you while buying gadgets?

I am not into gadgets much.  But, of course, I love to know about trending gadgets.  However, if I had to choose devices, I always pick friends of IT background to make me a selection, ‘simple!’

Do you have anything to share with your fans through ICT FRAME?

Being a youth leader of Rotaract Nepal and engineer by profession, I would like to request youths; in specific to extend the warmth we can impart to the needy group of community. Any support if comes from the heart will never be small.

Always be confident and ready to spread the smile to prevail peace and love in hearts. Believe me my friends; there are no medicines better than smile and no efforts bigger than efforts to contribute to maintaining order.  Lastly, I would like to thank ICT frame for this opportunity to share my thoughts through your media.

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