Nepali Law Firm Wins South Asia’s Telecom Law Firm Award

Telecom Law Firm

21 November 2020, Kathmandu

Nepali private law firm Delta Law has received the ‘Telecom Law Firm of the Year-South Asia’ award. AI Global Media’s Acquisition International monthly digital business magazine has been giving awards to law firms around the world in various titles every year.

Headquartered in Kathmandu, Delta Law Firm is a Full-Service quality law firm which has been providing legal advice on telecom, cybercrime, e-commerce, fintech, intellectual property, media, software, startups, social media, trade commerce, tax, and other legal issues within the global reach and standards.

About the Telecom Law Firm award

The legal market nowadays is extending and being highly competitive with increment in innovative advancement. Thus, creating a lot of challenges for lawyers. Due to the rise in political and economic issues the legal professionals are having to constantly update their skills. In order to motivate those who work tirelessly and consistently to overcome various obstacles. This award was created.

To participate in Acquisition International’s award nominations, the magazine’s subscribers, online visitors, social media followers, clients, etc. must fill out an online nomination form. These nominees can nominate their company, colleagues within the company, or any third-party business houses. Nominate those who have succeeded in maintaining a positive impact in various areas of business. The Acquisition International’s award jury member then analyzes the company. The analysis is on the basis of client dedication, business growth, longevity, online reputation, client feedback, and business performance. All based on the documents submitted by the nominee and publicly available resources.

The award is not purely just on the number of votes, a firm has received but also based on merit. This Award is an appreciation to parties based on their excellence demonstrated in the industry. The winner of the award will receive a variety of ‘Paid Additional Benefits’. Award-winning companies will also get free promotional packages.


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