On Thursday, SpaceX launched two experimental satellites. It will test the technology for its high-speed internet project.  Elon Musk is a rocket company for SpaceX. SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket. It designed for the safe and reliable transport of satellites into Earth’s orbit. The launched missile was for the Elon Musk’s visionary plan. And it provides high-speed internet coverage around the Globe.

Tintin A and Tintin B:

The company claimed that both the satellites, “Tintin A” and “Tintin B.” Were placed in the earth’s orbit  Also, it aims to launch more than 4,000 broadband internet satellites into earth’s orbit. Some 700 miles above including more than 7,500 satellites to sit above 200 miles. It is up that will run together on different radio frequency.

The rocket launched from Vandenberg Air Force in California scheduled for February 17 and but delayed twice due to technical difficulties to perform its final checkouts. The initial launch faced the third delay due to strong upper winds. Finally, SpaceX was victorious on December 22. Which was carrying Elon Musk’s hope and dream to provide high-speed internet around the Earth?


Elon Musk hopes the system “StarLink” to be a huge moneymaker dream. The Wall Street Journal in 2017 shows the system expected to collect more than $30 billion in revenue. And from more than 40 million subscribers by the Year 2025.

StarLink will provide high-speed internet like Fiber Optics network. Through its constellation of satellites all over the earth’s orbit.

In most of the cases, the boosters of the rocket guided back so they can be further used in the next space mission. Using same promoters cuts the cost of future rocket mission by 60%.  SpaceX did not attempt to extract back booster this time as it was already used.  But, it did try to guide fairing back home. The fairing is the rocket’s top cone-shaped nose.

Mr. Steven

A narrowboat, Mr. Steven deployed to extract fairing of Falcon 9. The boat had a considerable net connected to four giant metal arms to catch the nose cone but missed it. Later, Elon Musk stated the cone had dropped a few hundred meters away from the boat And was recovered as it landed on the water and stayed afloat. It is not sure if the fairing can again as sea water harms the fairing without proper shielding.

The fairing of the rocket helps to keep its aerodynamic structure intact. And safeguard the payload from earth’s atmosphere. while rocket reaches earth’s atmosphere. Usually rocket companies’ do not attempt to save fairing. But Musk’s great attempt left everyone amazed. Later musk clarified his effort by saying; “imagine you had $6 million in cash flying through air smashing in the ocean”. He added he would love to save any piece of hardware for further use.

In summary, The primary goal of the Falcon 9 rocket was to deliver Paz satellite into the earth’s atmosphere. PAZ operated by Spanish company Hides. PAZ is a defense and security satellite which will keep an eye across the oceans on ship traffic.


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