Spiralogics Concludes It’s Five AI Workshops Series In December

AI Workshop Series Deep Learning

Spiralogics concludes it’s Five AI Workshops Series in December Spiralogics organized a series of workshops throughout December as a pre-event leading up to its main event – Spirathon. The workshops were centered around Artificial Intelligence & done in collaboration with Nepal.ai community. A total of 5 series of workshops were conducted where the fourth and the fifth series were combined into one. All of the workshops took place at various IT colleges within the Kathmandu Valley.

The first one was held at Apex College on 8th December where Mr.Ashwin Dhakal, Associate Software Engineer from Yomari covered the topic ‘Insights on Deep learning for Natural language Processing.’ The second workshop was led by Aayush Subedi, Former CEO of Tootle and Co-founder of Moonlit and took place at Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce. The workshop focused on the ‘Art of using Naive Bayes for Binary Classification and Spam Detection.’ Next one was at Kantipur City College and facilitated by Akash Adhikari, Co-founder: Nepal.ai, Country Representative of deeplearning.ai. The topic covered was ‘Deep Learning for Face Detection with Convolutional Neural Networks.’ The last workshop titled ‘Deep Learning – Extensive Code Edition’ was done collectively by the Nepal.ai Team and was held at Islington College.

Not only did it included IT students but also saw quite a lot of professionals attending the workshops with the desire to increase their understanding of AI. Each workshop attracted
around 50-60 participants, totaling up to 200 participants for the overall event. At the end of each seminar, a Networking Session was carried out where participants interacted with the speaker as well as each other.

Spiralogics Family would like to thank all the facilitators for taking out the time and conducting such engaging sessions. They are also thankful to the colleges for assisting their team during each event.

What’s next?
This year 2018, Spirathon is focused on exploring and explaining the ways how AI can create a positive impact on different aspects of our life. Spirathon-AI for Impact is not just any ordinary Appathon. It is a platform which will act as a driving force in encouraging the implementation of AI (especially in the Nepalese environment).

The registration has been extended until January 6th, and interested participants can apply via online by logging into spirathon.spiralogics.com. Alongside the appathon, the main event will also include an AI conference where experts in Artificial Intelligence will be sharing their insights. It will be a platform where investors, IT professionals, students and entrepreneurs can come together to share their ideas and network. You can check out our Facebook page for more updates on our upcoming events.


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