Spiralogics To Host Appathon On AI

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Spiralogics is organizing an annual event named ‘Spirathon’ for the second time in January 2019. Registration has officially opened for the appathon. Participants can go through the website spirathon.spiralogics.com for the listing. The record will remain open throughout Dec, and top 10 teams will be selected to compete in the main event in January.

Spirathon is an annual appathon organized by Spiralogics International in partnership with Spiralogics Institution of Technology. At this event, a team consisting of a maximum of three members will need to build a prototype application based on a specific agenda.

The team members will need to turn the raw idea they have into a real-life computer application. The team can build its use in any computer language & platform. There are no set barriers for this. Spiralogics as well as other top profiled software companies will be providing mentorship to each of the team. Each team will be assigned the mentor two-weeks before the appathon to guide them on their project.

Professionals from the top IT companies and non-government organizations will be judging the event and choosing the winners.

Spirathon 2019 This year’s theme is AI for Impact. The organizers will conduct various pre-events leading up to the main event. Besides the appathon, they will also be inviting keynote speakers and attending a workshop during the pre-events.

We will be selecting teams from different IT colleges to compete with each other for the winning title. Each group will be assigned a mentor two-weeks before the appathon to guide them on their project. Teams will present their application and give a demo in the finale. Each side will be scored on different criteria by the judges.

What’s different this year? Spiralogics is organizing five different workshops throughout December as a pre-event leading up to its main event – Spirathon. Each workshop is held at different venues regarding various topics related to AI. Regarding the first workshop, Ashwin Dhakal, Associate Software Engineer from Yomari aims to provide an insight into deep learning for Natural Language Processing. The event is organized on 8th December at Apex College.

The second workshop is led by Aayush Subedi, Former CEO of Tootle and Co-founder of Moonlit and will take place in Softwarica College. The workshop will focus on the art of using Naive Bayes for Spam Detection.

Alongside the appathon, the main event will also include an AI conference where experts in Artificial Intelligence will be sharing their insights. This will be a platform where investors, IT professionals, students and entrepreneurs can come together to share their ideas and network.

About Spiralogics Spiralogics International is an American based software development company that currently employs over 60 members in Nepal. It has an office in Kathmandu, India as well as Atlanta. The company primarily builds applications for the American Health Insurance industry. Some of its clients include Walmart, Examworks, and AIG. Most of the client are among the Fortune 500 companies.

Spiralogics was established in 2002 in America and 2009 in Nepal. With 15+ experience in the software industry, the ICT Company has always desired to teach the new and upcoming developers with what it has learned over the years. Out of that idea, Spiralogics Institute of Technology (SIT) was born in 2017. SIT is a sister company of Spiralogics. SIT’s mission is simple: Makes you the best software engineer you can be.


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