NetApp Survey

8th June 2023, Kathmandu

NetApp, a leading data-centric software company, has released its annual survey report on the state of CloudOps in 2023.

The report highlights the challenges faced by IT decision-makers and the importance of optimizing cloud environments.

Key findings from the survey include the struggle with cloud operations, with security and compliance as the top challenge for 64% of respondents, followed by cost management.

Automation is seen as crucial, with 82% of respondents believing it is critical for optimizing cloud operations and ROI.

Furthermore, the report shows the growing embrace of FinOps, with 96% of tech executives considering it important, but only 9% have a mature FinOps practice. The challenges in FinOps include reducing cloud costs and forecasting spend.

The report emphasizes the need for holistic cloud management and the benefits of automation in optimizing resources.

NetApp’s Spot solution aims to help organizations automate cloud operations for better cost control, improved security, resource optimization, and superior service delivery.


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