National ICT club has organized a program on the topic of WordPress and SEO by the help of Slash Plus trainer, and the media partner was an iframe.  This program was conducted on the venue of Amrit science Campus, launcher Kathmandu.

The trainer provides much knowledge about “WordPress and SEO” on the program. What is SEO? How should we promote the website and the way to do this and How does its SEO affect business? About all these things, SEO expert and consultant Mr. Parakash khatiwada present these deeds.  Prakash Khatiwada is also a top SEO expert, SEO consultant & SEO specialist with a proven record in SEO services in Nepal. Do you want an SEO expert in Nepal, Prakash Khatiwada is dedicated to boosting targeted traffic to your website? As same Mr. Toran Bhattarai, he told us about website development, process code optimization, the problem created under website development and the upcoming programming future.

In this program, Mr. Binod Adhikari the lecturer of CSIT department of Amrit Science Campus, he put some words in front of them that this program is benefitted for students by doing such programs in colleges. He shows the importance and suggestion of this program in students. The president of CSIT Association of Nepal told that many applications would be conducted beside this which is helpful for students and he also added that this type of program would itself organized by colleges in the coming future.

There was the presence of  60 students with the support of the CSIT Association of Nepal,, Amrit Science Campus. At last, Mr. Rabindra Aryal along with Slash plus training center organized of this program. He told that many applications would be launched by flash plus. Such types of programs are helpful for students and boom the  ICT market.