Startup Data Usage Survey For Startups Use Data In Nepal

World Bank Announce Startup Data Usage Survey

December 20, 2019, Kathmandu

The World Bank in partnership with Nepal Young Entrepreneurs Forum and Frost & Sullivan-Nepal is organizing a roundtable discussion on December 20 from 11 am-1 pm to discuss how startups and private sectors in Nepal are using data. This roundtable is part of an Open Data for Business (OD4B) opendatatoolkit Assessment in Nepal to understand

(i) how startups are using and would like to use data

(ii) the demand for government data by private sector firms.

The purpose of this assessment is to increase the business use of data through

(1) increased private sector awareness of data

(2) identification of high-value data and barriers to use, and

(3) a recommended Action Plan to engage with private sector stakeholders.

Insights from this roundtable will serve as an input to the report scheduled to be published in February.

Also, our friends at the World Bank Nepal are currently trying to understand how startups would like to and currently use data in their operations via a six question survey. Please kindly take this survey: All of your information will be kept confidential.

This is the tentative schedule provided by WB. The venue will be Dynasty Hall at Yak & Yeti on December 20.

10:45: Registration and tea/coffee
11:00: Welcome by Sahara Joshi (or Rep from NYEF) and overview of data use from World Bank team
11:30: Roundtable discussion on how to increase data-driven decision-making practice in the startup sector
1:00: Break for lunch


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