All-New Samsung Galaxy

14th March 2024, Kathmandu

Galaxy Fit3, with its all-new design, helps users to work out smarter, understand their health better, and enjoy enhanced connected experiences (All-New Samsung Galaxy Fit3)

Samsung Nepal introduced the Galaxy Fit3, its newest accurate fitness tracker that makes Samsung’s advanced health-monitoring technology accessible to all, encouraging everyone to prioritize well-being and embrace a healthier way of life. The Galaxy Fit3, Samsung’s newest wearable device, features an aluminum body and an expanded display, enabling users to monitor their health and wellness information seamlessly, including daily exercise routines and restful sleep, directly from their wrists, 24/7.

In this modern age of well-being, individuals seek a more in-depth insight into their health, and Samsung is dedicated to offering advanced health monitoring tools to support them in their wellness endeavors,” stated Pranaya Ratna Sthapit, Director, MX Business, Samsung Nepal. “The Galaxy Fit3, our latest fitness tracker, emphasizes our dedication to delivering accessible resources that promote daily wellness and inspire everyone to work on their best self.”

A Durable and Compact Tracker with a Larger, More Stylish Display

The Galaxy Fit3 is designed with an aluminum body, an AMOLED screen, and a 1.6-inch display, 45% wider than the previous model, making it easier for users to check detailed insights at a glance. The Galaxy Fit3 is lightweight and stylish, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyday, around-the-clock use. Its extended battery life of up to 13 days allows users to seamlessly integrate it into their daily lifestyles. They can personalize their tracker and make it more stylish by selecting their favorite watch face from over 100 presets or setting their photos as the background. Users can also effortlessly mix and match bands to complement their fashion and daily routines with a one-click button.

Keep a Pulse on Your Health Metrics Day and Night

Samsung has consistently emphasized the importance of quality sleep for enhanced well-being, providing users with advanced sleep monitoring tools to comprehend their sleep patterns and foster healthier habits. The dedication to this cause is evident in the design of the Galaxy Fit3, enabling users to comfortably wear it overnight for continuous tracking of sleep patterns. The device goes beyond basic monitoring, identifying snoring and monitoring blood oxygen levels for more comprehensive measurements. Tailored to individual sleep patterns, the Galaxy Fit3 offers personalized Sleep Coaching, offering insightful information to help users intuitively grasp their sleep and make positive lifestyle changes.

Throughout the day, the Galaxy Fit3 enables users to monitor their daily activities effectively. With the capability to track over 100 types of workouts at any time and place, users can easily review their exercise records, fostering motivation to achieve their fitness goals. Boasting a 5ATM rating and IP68-rated water and dust resistance, the Galaxy Fit3 allows users to engage in outdoor activities across various environments. Furthermore, it enhances users’ overall health awareness by providing essential health metrics such as heart rate and stress levels.

Stay Safe and Connected in the Galaxy Ecosystem

All-New Samsung Galaxy Fit3

The Galaxy Fit3 now incorporates additional safety features such as Fall Detection and Emergency SOS to offer users a safety cushion. In the event of a detected fall, users have the option to promptly call emergency services for timely medical assistance. In emergencies, users can initiate an SOS by pressing the side button five times.

Furthermore, Galaxy Fit3 users can access a range of functionalities within the interconnected Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, enhancing their overall wearable experience. Acting not only as a remote control for smartphone cameras during photo capture and timer setting with Camera Remote, the Galaxy Fit3 can also serve as a wrist controller for playing and managing media on the connected device. To ensure a disturbance-free or bedtime-ready experience, users can seamlessly synchronize modes between their Galaxy Fit3 and paired smartphone. Additionally, the Find My Phone feature on the Galaxy Fit3 facilitates the easy location of a misplaced smartphone or vice versa.

Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy Fit3 will be available starting 11 March 2024 all over Nepal. It will be available in Gray, Silver, and Pink Gold at a price of Rs.7999.


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