1st December 2020, Kathmandu

The Department of Transport Management (DOTM) in Nepal has offered online driving license registration since late 2015. Although riddled with multiple problems, the online application system is a much-needed addition by DOTM. Due to the current global situation courtesy COVID-19, this online option is a very appealing and safe way to apply for a new license. The online registration system makes the whole application system a lot more streamlined, while also being a great indicator of our governments’ slow but steady transition to a more electronic and digital system.

New license registration has been stopped for almost 8 months now due to COVID. Keeping that in mind, let us go over how to apply for a driving license safely and efficiently.

How to Apply for the license online: A Step-to-Step guide

  1. Visit the official DOTM website. The online application is currently closed but can be accessed through this website: Click Here

The website can show errors or take a while to load. This is generally due to internet traffic. Expect to see a lot of this when the license registration finally opens up after 8 months.

Driving License Nepal Driving License Online Form

2. Click on ‘New Registration Form’ and fill up the online form with your details.

Please note that * means compulsory fields.

3. Submit the form after filling it up.

4. Save and print the confirmation page that the page gives after completion.

The Next Steps to getting a License:

  1. Visit the DOTM office with the printed confirmation page and an identity card (citizenship).
  2. The DOTM office will note the citizenship and fingerprints for their records.
  3. You will also need to test your eyes and blood. This is for recording purposes as well as a general fitness check.

Both the eyes and blood testing service is available nearby the DOTM office.

4. After the test, you need to partake in a written test. The cost is NRS 500 and the timing is generally 7:00 am the next day.

If you are applying for the additional category, you do not need to take the written exam. In other words, if you already have a vehicle license, you are not required to attend this written exam.

5. After passing the exam, you will be able to attend a driving test the next day.

The DOTM officials will inform you regarding where and when to attend. You can also rent vehicles for the test from the at the testing site.

6. Once you pass the trial, you need to visit the DOTM office and pay a total of 1500 after (Or within? I can’t find any sources) 10 working days. If you are simply adding a category, you just need to pay Rs.500.

You will receive a payment slip along with your license number. You will also receive an ETA on the collection of your license. The payment slip can also work as temporary paperwork that will enable you to drive (Rajaswa Paper).

7. When the day comes, visit the DOTM Office with the slip to receive your license.


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