Mobile Phones in Nepal

17 March 2021, Kathmandu

Entrepreneurs have been saying that illegally mobile phones entering Nepal due to open border checkpoints. They said 40% of the total mobiles enter Nepal illegally.

According to the Nepal Mobile Distributors Association, the industry is in crisis as a result of illegal mobile phone sales. To resolve the concerns of businessmen, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) is in the final stages of planning to avoid the illegal import of mobile phones in Nepal.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the country lockdown, work has started to be done online. So that the demand for mobile phones has increased drastically.

There is currently no technology available to switch off unregistered mobile phones. However, the MDMS places mobile phones in Nepal on the white, gray, and blacklists.

To end this, the NTA is planning to launch IMEI REGISTRATION. What is IMEI registration read this article:

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