Hi, it’s me Meera Aryal and I would like to describe myself as a passionate about tech field. I am currently following my study at 7th semester in CSIT. When I was in the seventh grade, it was the first time I got the chance to read computer science subject. At that time, the computer was totally new and interesting topic for me.

I wondered how that is functioning and all about its parts. My curiosity about the computer was increasing and slowly technology field has become my passion. After I pursue my higher schooling level, it was my dad who supported to choose Bsc.CSIT as my career and I were able to enter the field of my passion.

I remember those days during the earlier semesters of our course when we used to read what was on our course. There used to be little practical knowledge but what we actually need was to develop ourselves personally and be practically prepared according to the need of the IT industries. It was not possible with only the college course but Butwal Coder Girls made it possible for me.

Yes, it is true that some circle of people, little financial support along with the brilliant and innovative ideas is most to establish an organization. But, as a founding member of Butwal Coder Girls, I can remember that these were not only things to establish BCG, all was our belief and enthusiasm. In, those days it was our president Ms. Sabita Neupane who presented us with her great ideas to collaborate all IT interested girls, our mutual desire, the dedication of all member is the thing what we are today.

In, all these days after the establishment of Butwal Coder Girls, it has been the great platform for me to prepare myself according to current need of IT industry. I was able to develop my personality, presenting skills being a part of this. Counseling and motivating program and different training provided by this initiative have become the great source inspiration for me. It was a very safe environment for me to get the practical knowledge, learn some sort of leadership skills and to gain extra confidence.More than this I was able to myself, my goals and my strengths.  Today I can really feel the difference in myself.

Being an IT student and a part of Butwal Coder Girls my plan is to work for this organization to take it to the next level as a large IT organization. Remaining in this organization I would like to encourage and support all those girls who want to enter the IT fields.

In my view, IT field is a growing field and has lots of scopes as it has been a part of every field. Any girls who are interested can join this field without any confusion. If you are seeking for any kind of help related to IT  Butwal Coder Girls is always ready to encourage you. It is sure that you will be always successful if you dream and believe yourself.




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