Stranger’s Messages Threatens Cyber Security

The use of social networks is increasing in the same way as cyber attacks are burgeoning.

To discover someone’s data has been a small deal at the present scenario. We should apply strong precaution to secure our data while using the internet and our smartphones.

You can be traced even if you only use WhatsApp. A single photo received on a WhatsApp can you push towards danger.

Most often the cybercrime begins form WhatsApp message received from unknown numbers. The message includes a short link that is clicked by the receiver.

Once you clicked on the link some kind of funny videos or pictures will appear in the screen. After that, whether you delete or do not delete that message attackers will be able to trace you.

What happens is the one who sends messages creates a master link of the multimedia file through an IP client.

There are many IP locker websites available on the internet which can be googled. Those IP locker websites are sent to your account as a link, consciously or unconsciously we click on those links, clicking on those link will let the attackers know our IP address.

Once the hackers discern our IP address, they can locate our location too. Hackers can know about our district name, city name, and the closest mobile tower from the place we are dwelling.

By entering all these data, hackers can make us in trouble that’s why to think hundred times before you click on the link acquired from unknown numbers.


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