Strom R3 Electric Car Price

13 March 2021, Kathmandu

Strom Motors is set to launch the first electric car, Strom R3, based in Mumbai. The company said that its first car would be very cheap.


It is 2,907 mm long, 1,450 mm wide, and 1,572 mm high. It has a total weight of 550 kg. It has a boot space of 100 liters on the front and 300 liters on the back. It has round-shaped headlamps, an attractive grid, a sloping cap, an around-the-wheel arch, and an attractive roofline design.

The key features are 13-inch alloy wheels, two-door seating capacity, 12 different styles of driver’s seats, 4.3-inch digital instrument cluster, 7-inch infotainment system, 20 GB onboard music storage.

The company has supplied the Storm R3 with a 15 kW motor. It produces 20 horsepower and 90 Nm of maximum torque. It’s got a lithium-ion battery. The company claims that the battery in this three-wheeled vehicle, which can operate at a pace of 80 kilometers per hour, can run at a maximum charge of 200 kilometers.

Although it looks like a four-wheeled vehicle at first glance, it’s a three-wheeled electric car. It’s being booked in India. It is available in three different variants R3 Pure, R3 Current, and R3 Bolt.


  • Model Type: Fully Electric 2-Door 2-Seater with Large Sun-Roof
  • Display: Triple Touchscreen Interface with Gesture and Voice Controls (7”, 4.3” & 2.4”)
  • Kerb Weight: 550 Kgs
  • Drive: Eco/Normal/SportsAVFS (Future) Automatic Vehicle Following System
  • Cargo: 300L(rear) + 100L(front)
  • Mileage: Rs.0.40/km*
  • Battery: Li-ion (1,00,000 km+ lifespan)
  • Onboard Charger: Yes
  • Range Options: 120/160/200* km (On A Single Charge)
  • Warranty: 3 Years or 100,000 Kms, (Whichever Comes First)
  • Top Speed: 80 Kmph

Price :

The Company priced its rate INR 450,000 (NRS 720,000).


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