Subisu Restore Successfully After Massive Fire In It’s Server/ Earth Station

Subisu restoring services after massive fire in it's Server
Subisu restoring services after massive fire in it's Server

August 8, 2019, Kathmandu

The service provided by Subisu, which was interrupted due to fire on Wednesday will resume from Thursday evening. The services of Subisu, a private Internet service provider, were interrupted when a fire broke out on Wednesday afternoon.

The fire broke out at Subisu’s central office located in Baluwatar. According to Sudhir Parajuli, Chairman of Subisu Cable Networks,10% of users who were receiving service from Baluwatar were affected due to the fire.

According to him, since 90% of all internet servers and data centers are operated at Thapathali, only 10% of internet service users have been affected when the service of Baluwatar was interrupted.

Parajuli said, ‘Our data center at Thapathali is still working. From this, we have facilitated most of the servicemen. Currently, only 5,000 customers are affected by the service provided by Baluwatar.”

Subisu said that they have been working continuously since Wednesday to provide service to the affected users as soon as possible. Parajuli says all the blocked services are going to work within 24 hours of the tragic incident.

Equipment worth around Rs. 90 million have been insured within the Baluwatar office of Subisu. Parajuli said that the report for damage that occurred in the fire could only be known after assessing the goods and collecting full details of the cost.

It is estimated that the fire started in the generator at Subisu’s office. The generator contained about two thousand liters of oil, and hence a large flame was visible all at once. It took 2 hours to extinguish the fire.

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