SUBISU’s Magical STB is feature-packed which rightly differentiates itself in its category.

  1. Home Screen (for one window overview of the entire service)
  2. Electronic Program Guide (7 days detailed hour-by-hour of program guide of each channel)
  3. Favourite (to list favorite channel enabling to quick jump)
  4. Catch Up TV (catch up to your favorite program, if in case you miss them)
  5. Video on Demand (watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc., at your will)
  6. Reminder & Recording (set up reminder or record program of your interest)

Why is Clear TV the best option?

You probably know the importance of upgrading to Digital Television Network. CLEAR TV is a service of SubisuCablenet Pvt. Ltd, one of the leading Cable TV Provider and Internet and Network Service Provider in Nepal. The clear TV has also been introduced as Nepal’s first Digital Cable Television service with HD channels that are broadcasted to subscribers through Set Top Box over cable.

But, why should you be subscribing to Clear TV, now you can have the reasons!

  1. Maximum Number of HD Channels
  2. Internet TV
  3. Customer Care
  4. Multi-Platform Digital TV and IP TV
  5. Internet Service
  6. Weather Proof
  7. More Channels (100 plus SD and HD Channel)

Multiple Features

  1. Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  2. Program Reminder
  3. Catch up TV
  4. Video on Demand
  5. Programmed Video Recording (PVR)

So, CLEAR TV is all about the Enhanced TV viewing experience with High Definition channels and other exclusive services.