US president Brack Obama ordered the scientist to build the world fastest computer in the world who can access fastest calculation in the world. He just phoned and shown his requirement toward the NASA and just ordered and the computer must be ready until 2025.

He also told the features that the super computer must be 20 times faster than current fastest computer running in China. He computer must be capable for one quintillion calculation per seconds which can also be said as one exaflop.

The National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) to research and builds  the computer which is seeking towards the fastest supercomputer. It is faster than today computer and you may enjoy their fast speeding but the requirement is not being fulfiled so the new computer must be faster than this.

This computer will be mainly perform for complex simulation aid society research and national security projects. It is used for analysing data and how accuracy the data is shown is checked. It also used fir forecasting the upcoming things likewise climate. It also assists cancer diagnosis and analysing the  X-ray machine or the image of x-ray.

Its mainly used by white house website and its allow NASA to design and provide them the model tribulence which enable the design and carry the streamlined aircraft without any extensive wind tunnel testing and so testing machine called exascale machine

The bigger model university of Edinburg named Richard Kenway their plans is spot on interms of strategy and bringing both the ambition to develop the new hardware which analyse the big data and aid development of personalised medicines, tailored to specify individuals.

Drugs are designed for the average which investigate from this computer. Its work of the somebody done by the someone. Its real challenge in precision medicine and designing average drugs . Its highly regards  the average model for individuals which is genome and their lifestyle.

This is for long term climate modelling which Edinburg parallel computing Centre(EPCC) does. This is for upcoming for Earth climate for upcoming and the accuracy is limited.