According to the cyber security records 2014 back and half of 2015 projecting 2019 for the fourth coming years. The job about cyber security which is so top and the job for cyber security software engineer whose average annual salary is $ 233333 which represent the recent report from the job from the job board dice and the top salary for CSO is $225000 which relatively compares the salary and manually this report shows that the salary of software engineer is highly referred than CSO.

Cyber Security labor Market

There is a shortage of workforce even though their is shortage of manpower and expertise which expected demand is 6 million until 2019 and they have the projected short fall of 1.5 million . “The demand for the cyber security workforce is expected to be rise to 6 million by 2019 with a projected shortfall of 1.5 million “ Michael Brown, CEO at Symantec the world largest security software vendors and this is by CISCO annual  Security report.

 There is the shortage of information security professional is at 1 million openings as cyber security attacks. This makes the data increases.

Shortage of Security pros worsens

It mainly expands the talents of security pro’s worsens.

Why a cyber security software engineer earns more than CSO?

According to 451 Research and study, It response more than 1000 it professional in NA and EMEA which makes the obstacles in implementing and have the security projects. It lacks of staff expertise via 34.5% which is inadequate staffing i.e. 26.4%

24% of enterprises have 24 multiple of 7 monitoring in place using internal sources.

Why info security is considered one of the best jobs?

This security job is regarding helpful and high demand for next seven years. US news and world report ranked a carrier information security analysis on the list of 100 best jobs for 2015.

Its growing future at 36.5% theory of 2022 and there are some engineers who are earning more than they do so. This is IDC prediction which is by 2018, 75% of CSO chief security officer and CISOs chief security information officers will report directly of CEO not to CIO.

It push the position higher up into the salary stratosphere. The candidate offering or facing the complete offers from multiple companies and their salary increase by 30%. This is certain for employers and retain their talents. There are 209000 cyber security job is unfilled. The total job offers past five years was 74% which is by peninsula press which is the Bureau of statistics . the demand of information security professional is expected to grow by 53% by 2018.

There is the shortage of workforce and they have the healthy salaries for experienced cyber security people and this declining figures maintain the balance sometimes where there is shortage of labor.