T-Mobile Announces To Bring 5G To 30 Cities In 2018

T-Mobile will ready 30 cities for 5G in 2018 including New York and Los Angeles taking the stage at a Mobile World Congress dominated by 5G. T-Mobile today announced that it would build out its upcoming 5G network in 30 cities during 2018. The principal towns will be New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Las Vegas.

T-Mobile is the third largest network carrier in the United States. T-Mobile committed to enabling customers to experience 5G when the first 5G smartphones launch early next year. There will be no device supporting 5G in 2018, so you will have to wait until 2019. T-Mobile is focusing on delivering a transformative 5G experience, Unlike the Duopoly.

President and CEO at T-Mobile, John Legere, calls its larger rivals Dumb and Dumber as they are in a meaningless race to be first. He further added, “while Duopoly focuses on bragging rights, we focus on customers.”

T-Mobile is preparing to deliver a transformative 5G experience, unlike the Duopoly. 5G is not only faster speed; it opens the door to advanced hardware and software technology, and network. 5G will enable smart cities, extensive connectivity, long battery life and increase in speed.

Duopoly focuses on 5G hotspots in some urban regions whereas, T-Mobile focuses on launching 5G nationwide. A customer can still connect to 5G when they travel to other areas. T-Mobile’s 5G will be superior to its competitors 5G because it will be mobile than fixed.

Both AT&T and Verizon had announced to provide 5G hotspots in major urban areas. T-Mobile focuses on the long game to bring a reliable, fast, and extensive mobile 5G network for its customers. T-Mobile aims to provide a portable 5G system instead of a “fixed” network.

With AT&T, your smartphone will switch between 5G and 4G depending upon how close you are to the few available 5G towers.  You will not be able to operate on the 5G network everywhere you want with AT&T. T-Mobile is beginning to build 5G on millimeter wave spectrum this year.

Smartphones can choose between 2G, 3G or 4G LTE one at a time. T-Mobile aims to combine 5G and LTE to get way more speed. T-Mobile is working with 3GPP, chip makers and a range of handset manufacturers. They are also partnering with Ericsson and Nokia to push their 5G network dream.

A new rule for video games with loot boxes

A loot box, in video games, is a consumable virtual item which can be retrieved to receive further virtual details. A loot box is a money-making strategy. Recently the loot box is receiving a lot of criticism.

A loot box can lead to Psychological as well as financial risk. The Hawaii state legislature is observing two sets of bills about the loot box. These loot boxes are much like casino games that receive money through minors.

The bills say, “loot boxes use a mechanism to utilize human psychology to make players keep spending money.” Video games are exploiting minors to gain more money.

Although not all money comes from loot boxes, these gaming companies collect massive revenue from it. In most of the country, video games often do not disclose information about the loot box. If the bills, becomes law, it could affect the biggest gaming companies. The terms and conditions of the loot box can change. Parents will have more information on in-app-purchases games their children are playing.


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