Google releases new info hub for distance learning
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Nepal, April 2, 2020

Let’s first acknowledge the effect of a global pandemic on students. Authorities have postponed exams, canceled classes, and most colleges have gone online. To solve this issue, the Google for Education team partnered with UNESCO to create Teach From Home.

Basically, it is a temporary hub that provides information, tips, training, and tools to support remote teaching and learning.

Recent weeks have challenged every aspect of education worldwide. Schools, colleges, and universities were shut down early to prevent the COVID-19 outbreak in these areas. Most of these institutes have adopted online tutoring and learning policy.

Great initiative, indeed!

But is it though?

Well, the transition hasn’t been easy for some educators who are not yet most comfortable with using technology. So, Google wanted to make it easier for them to kick start the process.

Hence, the creation of Teach From Home!

Transition To A New Approach Of Teaching

Obviously, there is a significant shift from teaching at schools to that at home. Firstly, the webpage contains simple card-based instructions on ‘how to teach remotely with video call’.

This section includes tutorials on setting up video calling. It has tutorials on hangout video calls, Audience Q&A in Google Slides, and Livestreaming.

Google launches 'Teach from Home' hub for remote learning

Teaching Remotely with Video Calls

Similarly, another section that helps you how to teach remotely without video calls recommends using Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Forms, etc. These tools are very effective for real-time applications.

Helping educators and students stay connected

Teaching Remotely without Video Calls

That’s not it!

This teaching hub also has tips to ensure accessibility and engaging students more in the process. There are tools that let you type with voice, enable subtitles, support student discussion, demonstrate on a virtual whiteboard and whatnot.

It’s amazing how much Google has made it possible for teachers and students to cope with the crisis. Moreover, there is a coffee break for teachers as well!

Yes! Teachers need to stay in touch with each other to discuss coursework and plans. They have to be able to share resources to help each other out. Similarly, it is also important to provide an update on the daily task. And, thanks to tools like Google Groups that make it possible.

For a step-by-step guide (in Engish), click here.

The Bottom Line

Google has also announced a $10m Distance Learning Fund to “support organizations around the globe that provides the resources to educators to facilitate high-quality learning opportunities to children.”

In fact, the first million is going to the Khan Academy. Google volunteers are also helping to translate existing educator resources. Google’s translation tool has done wonders for so many institutes to bridge the gap of language.

Google has so many tools up their sleeves! In fact, if you get a hang of Teach From Home, you may not want to go back.

Honestly, we are not implying that it should change the course of studies. But, think about it!

Do you think online education will stick around after the lockdown in Nepal?

Let us know!


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