NTA Providing 16 Billion From Their Fund To Support The Government

29 January 2021, Kathmandu

Nepal Telecommunications Authority has launched a campaign to analyze the quality of mobile networks and internet provided all over the country.

The campaign will be completed in many phases. Telecom recently announced a list of Six companies for the completion of the tasks in the first phase.

Until this year, NTA, itself has been monitoring the quality control of networks. The upcoming Fiscal year 2077/78 will see selected companies who will be responsible to handle the task.

Telecom had issued an announcement regarding the test of the quality of data, voice, and internet in early November this year.

According to the spokesperson of NTA, Mr. Min Prasad Aryal, “A total of six companies has been selected for the first phase-out of the total applicants”. He also added that the companies will perform necessary actions to calculate the provided quality of networks which will then be used by the telecom for further analysis and investigation.

The companies selected are listed below:

Mahakali-Mechi Technology and Suppliers

Professional Business Network

Jay Bageshwori Builders and Suppliers

E-Coil Pvt. Ltd.

Inclusive Everest Micro tech.

Intel Co-Solutions

NTA will collect a result collected with respect to the financial and technological aspects of the quality of the network provided by the company. Hence, the outscoring company will be selected among the listed six.

NTA has allocated a budget of NRs. 60 lakhs for the campaign to test the quality of the network for the current fiscal year.


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