NTA Released Online Child Protection Directives

5th May 2022, Kathmandu

The Writ Of The Case Filed Against The Telecommunications Authority’s Promotion Procedure Has Been Dismissed

The writ suit challenging the promotion procedure based on the effectiveness of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority was denied.

On Falgun 10, the matter was due to be heard before the Patan High Court.

In the appeal court today, a combined bench of Shyamji Pradhan and Sudarshan Raj Pandey rendered the judgment in the same case.

With the dismissal of the writ petition, the path has been cleared to resume the promotion process in accordance with the previous procedure.

The complaint against the internal promotion procedure was launched by seven individuals, including NEA Deputy Director Binod Chandra Shrestha.

Previously, lawyer Tulsiram Bhatta, who was familiar with the case, stated that it would not be given priority and would be heard on a regular basis, but the court had adjourned the hearing for some time.


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