Mark Zukerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook thinks that Facebook has a long way to go in the digital world we are looking forward to. As we know Facebook is something that helps to communicate with people,society, nations and worldwide and was created to do so, the social network founder has hinted us to a great future that Facebook might be having in coming years. “You’ll just be able to think of something and your friends will immediately be able to experience it too if you’d like,” Zuckerberg said. “This would be the ultimate communication technology.”He has always been so dedicated towards seeing the world that is interconnected with the help of internet.
Therefore he also launched programs like providing free access to the internet in the places where internet has not reached. And now Mark just dropped a big clue about Facebook’s future. He hinted that in Q/A session in his account on Tuesday when a user asked him about the long term plan of Facebook. With the actions Facebook is taking we can see where it is heading towards too. Facebook used to be a collection of simple profile pages then it started to evolve with time with likes, wall, groups, news feeds etc. In the past decade, the company has expanded the way users communicate on the platform. Facebook has been focusing on the personal connection from user to the user rather than to the mass since some time. It has brought a new way of communicating to the friends and relatives with the messaging apps like messenger. It even bought an entire messaging platform i.e whatsapp for $22 billion. In this way Facebook has been more focused to provide users with the best communication tool they can offer.
But there are other areas too Facebook have bee investing on like the oculus related with the virtual reality and in the coming years who knows they might be planning to integrate all these into one making the possibility to make users feel like they’re right next to their friends, seeing and experiencing everything in real time. This is something that people might be expecting with the investments Facebook have been making on in certain areas. However with the hint it also looks like Facebook might be working on something big. A big project that’s going to change a lot on the aspect of communication and technology. Telepathy is just another step toward more personal connections (with the removal of some of the hardware). And it’s not just a far-fetched idea. However Zuckerberg is looking forward to changing the trend of communication in the human world.There are already discoveries involving way to create “computer brain interfaces,” or the ability for computers to translate brain waves into software commands, and vise versa.
The brains signals could be sent from one computer interface to another computer interface therefore by letting users to telepathically communicate themselves. The goal is to remove some hardware  and communicating with a computer or through the Internet with other people without a keyboard or voice.