7th December 2020, Kathmandu

TeleUpachar is a web and mobile telemedicine application connecting patients and doctors with medicine delivery services digitally. It is developed by Vriya Technologies a med-tech solutions company based in Kathmandu.

Affiliated with Mark International Kidney Centre Clinic, Kalanki, the Telemedicine Application has a roster of 50+ top doctors as well as specialists. The main goal of this telemedicine application is to provide affordable and quality online healthcare to patients and schedule a private, secure, as well as discreet video consultation with a doctor in real-time without location restrictions. TeleUpachar has a commitment to providing the best telehealth services as well as telemedicine in Nepal. In Addition, It provides Service with NMC registered highly qualified doctors and specialists.

TeleUpachar Features

  • Ability to select a wide variety of healthcare professionals
  • Real-time connection with doctors for a private and secure video consultation
  • End-to-end encrypted secure video consultation (compliant with the latest NMC guidelines)
  • Affordable options for care
  • Digital prescription as well as at-home medicine delivery service
  • Customize features specific to your needs (For Clinics and Hospitals)
  • No location or device restrictions
  • Medical records electronically accessible anytime
  • Medicine delivery within Kathmandu with no delivery charges
  • Also Free shipping inside Kathmandu valley

For Clinics and Hospitals

Also, they provide customized solutions for clinics and hospitals. Due to which

  • Add Remote Covid Monitoring to your offering.
  • Achieve cost as well as time savings through increased efficiency.
  • Increase your bottom-line by expanding your care delivery throughout the nation.
  • Reach vulnerable patients who don’t have the ability or means to travel.

Why TeleUpachar?

  • To provide healthcare services by providers/specialists without geographic restrictions
  • Improved access to medicine
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Improved clinical outcomes with a reduction in emergency room utilization
  • Empowerment through the use of technology


In conclusion, this app is one of the useful apps for the current situation of COVID 19 where there is a prohibition on mass gathering and there is a risk of traveling. From the use of this app’s various health-related features, you can consult with the doctor from the comfort of your home. As there won’t be any geographic restrictions as well as it provides customized solutions for clinical and hospitals this app will be beneficial for all. If the services are provided accordingly then this application will be a good step for the health and medical sector in the Digital field. To create an account and book your next appointment visit


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