Tesla is much anticipated with Tesla model x which cannot be out until this month.

Its cost is expected to be $135000 or more than 80% of the cheapest version of the model s. Tesla started deliveries SUV with falcon wing door within a week by sending out details to people who put down $5000 as reservation fees.

Those orders are posted on Tesla Motor Club from the Telsa’s website. It is an independent enthusiasts blog which didn’t respond to CNN Moneys request.

The Model X has an all-wheel drive which helps in adding a second electronic motor to the car. This is one of the biggest reason for the price difference. The model S was still purchased and having the cheapest version. This is purchased for $74500.

The first model X offered more loaded signature Model having the premium features such as autopilot which allow the car to park itself, ventilated, automatic lane steering and heated leather seats with smart air suspension with GPS memory.

The price of the model rises to $138000 to the TSLA site. This is the full version of Model X which cost $43750.

But now the six digit figures does not shock Tesla customer.

I am quite surprised by the price. It’s 20% increment price than the model S which does not appear.