The 18 Years Old IPod Is Selling For A Whopping Rs 14 lakh

This 18-year-old iPod is selling for a whopping Rs 14 lakh

14th May 2019, Kathmandu

An 18-year old “MP3 Player” is not going to be anyone’s first choice if you needed to pay for it. Right? If someone gave it to you for free, then you wouldn’t miss the chance to collect the offer. However, what if the MP3 player is one of the rare devices that everyone is buying? It is the first-generation iPod and is being sold after being factory sealed in its original packaging box along with the original shrink wrap. People are paying a whopping Rs. 14 Lakhs or $20,000 to collect this rare piece of device.

As per MacRumors, these iPods have been listed on eBay, one of the best e-commerce shopping sites. The first version of these iPods was launched in October 2001, and Steve Jobs mentioned that it’s like carrying 1000 songs in your pocket. The iPod costs Rs. 14 Lakhs has 5GB hard drive, a two-inch LCD, and the classic scroll wheel to shuffle around the songs. It provides about 10 hours of Battery life. Apart from these features, two key features stand out. Firstly, back in 2001, the iPod was way ahead of what its competitors were offering. Secondly, it’s an Apple device, and so many Apple fans might spend a considerable fortune to collect this rare iPod. The initial launch of the iPod priced it as $399.

Looking at the general category of iPod, it changed how people listened to music and started a revolution in the field of technological advancements. However, now only a single design of the iPod is being manufactured by the company, that is iPod touch. Other versions were officially discontinued from 2017 but were sold in huge numbers. One can quickly figure out the popularity of these devices since, after 18-years of being launched, these iPods cost more than a fancy car.


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