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7th December 2021, Kathmandu

The 27th edition of CAN INFOTECH will be functional from 18th Magh to 23rd Magh.

CAN INFOTECH, which has been organized annually with the idea of flaunting new technologies developed in the field of information and communication technology and formulating necessary strategies for the development of this sector, is being held at Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu.

The 27th edition of Infotech was prepared for 28th Baisakh to 2nd Jestha, 2078. But due to the alternate surge of Covid-19 spreading to major metropolises of the country, including Kathmandu Valley and according to the recommendations and opinions of Covid-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC), CAN Infotech guarantors, collaborators and stakeholders and the decision of the Central Working Committee of CAN Federation it was held until further notice.

The 26th edition of Infotech was completed in 2020 after the CAN Federation started CAN Infotech in 1995.

This is the 27th edition of the country’s largest exhibition and conference on information and communication technology and entertainment held annually in Nepal, which will last for 6 days.

The CAN Federation expects the design to give relief and backing to all information and communication technology-related entrepreneurs and stakeholders affected by COVID-19.

In the meantime, the confederation will make efforts to bring the developments and inventions in information and communication technology to CAN Infotech.

The ineluctability of information and communication technology seen during pandemics and confinement has made all stakeholders more attracted to the sector, CAN said.

We anticipate the forthcoming CAN Infotech to be more special due to the new gathering, discussion, and interest shown by the CAN Federation in the B2B ICT Business Summit-2021 held in Kathmandu on Friday 3rd Mangsir at dusk of Infotech.

With the advertisement of the date of the 27th edition of Can Infotech, offers have been opened for its full backing, co-sponsorship, Platinum, Diamond, Gold and silver sponsors, as well as other investors and stakeholders.

The participation of CAN member associations and colorful public and transnational information and communication technology-related companies is common in the Information and Communication Technology Exhibition.

Entrepreneurs will use the exhibition as a place to showcase new technologies and trade expansion, and spectators will be able to observe and buy new information and communication technology and future technologies all in one place.

According to the confederation, the exhibition is believed to be a special place for those interested in information technology to learn about the developments and uses in the field.

CAN INFOTECH will give new opportunities for IT companies to expand their vision, find client requirements, conduct request checks, launch new products and establish client connections.

Can Infotech 2022 include branding, ICT accessories, game places, product launches, start-ups, robotics, arising technologies, e-waste operation, WiFi and the Internet, and Internet and Learning Centers?

Fair at Infotech show software, networking and cloud solution, mobile phones and solutions, electrical and electronics, security solutions, solar power systems, inverters, UPS, laptop and desktop computers, printers, power systems, computer accessories, hard disk, IoT and artificial intelligence information, IT colleges, banks, insurance and account related software, software and results used in the government sector, information technology in health, tourism and travel, tone- literacy software and tutorials etc. will be on display.

According to a statement issued by CAN General Secretary Narayan Thapa, the 26th edition of CAN Infotech has been viewed by around3.5 a million people.


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