Windows operating system is the most used operating system throughout the world although open source like Linux, kali etc operating system came into exist. Due to its popularity and maximum user’s interaction, it has become one of the best platforms for hackers to collect data. So it is the most vulnerable to cyber attacks and it is essential to use of a good password manager to secure it.
There are lists of the best password manager for windows like Keeper, Password safe, LockCrypt, 1 password, and Dashlane. Here we would discuss few of them.
1. Keeper Password Manager (cross-platform)
It is one of the most secure, easy-to-use and robust password manager for your desirable operating systems like windows, Linux, Kali etc. Since it has a protective digital vault for protecting and managing your passwords, it is mostly used to safe documents from prying eyes using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Besides it also provide two-factor authentication for most of the major operating system. Not only this, there is an important security feature called self-destruct, if enable that would delete all the recorded files from your device if the incorrect password is used for more than 5 times. However, this action will not delete the backup records stored on Keeper’s Cloud Security Vault so you need not have to worry.

2. Dashlane Password manager (cross-platform)
Although it is new, it has important features like Keeper or more better. It works by encrypting your personal info and accounts’ passwords with AES-256 encryption on your local machine and then details will be synced with online server, so that you can access your accounts from the database from anywhere. Important feature of it is that it has an automatic password changer that can change your accounts’ passwords for you without having to deal with it yourself. Not only this, it is also free to use for a single device but for multiple device certain amount will be charged.

3. LastPass Password Manager (Cross-Platform)
If you are window users then it wills probably the best password manager for you since it comes with extension, mobile app and even desktop app. Besides, it is free as well as a premium with a fingerprint reader support. Since it provides two-factor authentication with AES-256 bit encryption no one else can log into your password vault. So it is more secure and easy to use.

This is all about Password Manager on Windows. If you want to know some information on Password Manager checks out my previous article.