Distraction Caused by Technology

Technology is one of the comfortable ways to perform the task. As the days go on, the new technology invented more. It is the source of learning and communicating. But in today’s world, distraction caused by Technology is dangerous. Technology distracts kids as well as youth. The different medium of technologies has affected them. So, we should think about it.

Distraction by technology is one of the severe problems in today’s society. And it is a real issue between kids and tech. In each community, disturbance by technology is the most significant problem. And in a family as well there’s a conflict between children’s and parents.

In today’s world, people use different technologies. Mobile phone, Television, computers are some examples. We use a mobile phone to communicate with each other. But, the kids today as well have a mobile phone. And they use it for playing games. Their primary focus will be on the phone than in the study. Television as well as distracts them.

The use of mobile phone to kids is harmful as well. And the internet is also the main issue. Kids play games, watch movies. Their mind is distracted by these technological means. And their attention to the study is not proper.

Technology distracts teen and adult as well. The use of the internet is the main reason. The Internet is not the wrong source, but we made it so. We can learn new things. But the teen uses it in a wrong way. Facebook is one of the main reasons. Most of the people are the addict to technology. They check it every 15 minutes or less. Even people use it while walking and driving. And the result may be wrong.

The observation of technological distraction by iKeepSafe was done. And it found that 33% teen from age group 13-17 were distracted by technologies. 14 % lose track of time with tech. 11% were the addict of the internet. And 11 %, not enough sleep. Mainly, today’s teen spends a lot of time on facebook. They chat with each other. It distracts from their typing as well. They used most of the shortcut word. The words are like ‘U’ for you, ‘UR’ for yours. There is nonverbal communication between them. That might hamper on their writing.

Distraction falls into two categories, the Optimists, and the Cartoonists. An optimist says that the technology made their mind stronger Whereas Cautionsts says that they are not studying correctly and disturb.

Moreover, the technology today is very advanced. And that made us comfortable to live. It’s been our daily need. But the wrong use of these technology cause harm for people. In conclusion, the number of distracted people with technologies is increasing. They waste their time unnecessary things. So, we should teach them the effect of overuse of such technology. Otherwise, the result of it may be severe.


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