The Domestic ICT Market Continues To Expand By MIC Nepal

MIC Nepal brought together 120 educators from every nook and corner of the country to discuss how technology can be used in the classroom. Expert educators conference 2015 organized by Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal.

 MIC Nepal organized a session for startups in the Unlimited Pre-Accelerator program on PR and media outreach by Chandra Man Bhattarai.

 Some learning, some dramas, some stage performances, some technology, lots of fun and gathering of friends for life. All in one journey of MSP summit.

 Successfully conducted a Guest Speaking Session at Prime College with Respected Sir Prof. Pasi Vahimaa from Finland. Thank you, sir, for your precious time. We hope to meet you for further support in the future as well — also, thanks to all the attendees (Grade XII, Science students) for your incredible presence.

 It is happening on Dec 4: NGO Day at MIC Nepal where we are looking at how we can assist nonprofits in starting using technology as a mission-critical solution rather than just for reporting, monitoring, and evaluations. Hopefully, this small act will make a significant impact!

 A team of twenty is going to Kusma, Parbat to validate what has been developed to ensure ‘barefoot entrepreneurs’ have access to ideas, mentorship, finance and market along with a superstore to sell their products. Small act. Big impact!

It is happening now: how of code at Namuna Higher Secondary Boarding School, Chitwan.