Ridesh Rai
Internet Bandwidth Scarcity In Nepal

Kathmandu, March 25

Internet Bandwidth Scarcity
Hi, Nowadays, we all are hearing news of bandwidth scarcity or bandwidth chock. Is this true? Please clear us for this?

I have different opinions on this. Either ISPs are doing fraud with a customer, or the news is fake. And I don’t think reputed ISPs do fraud with customers, but I also cannot ignore the story that came in reputed news sites.

On this matter, I want to keep my opinion as per my knowledge. There is no doubt that ISPs are a well-equipped organization having different types of high-end networking devices like Router, Switches, Load balancer, etc. and security appliances to manage traffic. They also have good software that handles the equipment and their services.

ISP’s main objectives are to provide the link or the Network service. (Let me add one thing, While talking about the network, there come significant terms called Bandwidth. Bandwidth is the capacity of a link to send and receive data at a time. So when we take any internet service from ISP, there are packages directly related to bandwidth and other like time and duration. ) Anyway, let us get back to the ISP’s service. Network Service carries Intranet and Internet services. An intranet is a service that ISP maintained by itself and has full control on them. But the Internet is the link service that they also have to rely on other ISPs. On this scenario, ISPs have to buy the bandwidth with other ISPs, so they have a limited amount of Bandwidth. And ISP mainly focuses on managing their bandwidth. It is just-like Banks gives priority to the financial data, and ISPs give priority to managing Bandwidth. That’s why when we (customers) buy the internet with ISP, they ask us for the package included bandwidth.

Higher the Bandwidth, Higher the price

ISPs manage all the customers according to the Bandwidth, and for this, they use excellent devices and software. They use the bandwidth controller, which can control and restrict the user’s traffic avoiding overflow of traffic to every customer. When any user sends high traffic, then the bandwidth manager/controller will limit the traffic so that users cannot post a high amount of traffic, then they purchase from ISPs.

Some people may think that there is a more significant number of users using the Internet, and this may create bandwidth scarcity. I know that, but the amount cannot affect the volume of traffic matters. If there are a large number of users using the internet, then there will be a high chance of high amount of traffic, so at that time, users may feel slow internet. But It will not cause a shortage of bandwidth to the ISPs. Because ISPs are already segregated every user’s bandwidth by bandwidth manager according to the packages so one user’s usages cannot affect other user’s internet or broadband. All this will be handled by the bandwidth manager.

Right now, most of the enterprises are not fully operational, and the bandwidth assigned to them are not fully occupied, so I think there are also lots of bandwidth remaining on. And for additional information, Large ISPs keep some bandwidth in the reservation, so if any dedicated users requested them of increasing bandwidth of specific time, then they will provide this facility also.

Promoting Better Broadband, Fighting Data Caps and Usage-Based Billing

So in this opinion, I don’t think there is a bandwidth shortage. And It is also not good to tell the customer not to use bandwidth. Peoples are staying at home and if they cannot use the internet they how they can spend their time? And this is the right time to utilize the internet for which they paid. And It is also the right time to check the ISP’s capacity they are providing to customers. So let us give them to use the bandwidth they purchased. After all, our reputed ISPs will control it by their infrastructure.


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