The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Information Security Domain

The organizations are doubling their demands for talented and qualified security professional since the concerns about hacking, data security, and privacy; identity thefts are increasing these days with many high-profile data breaches in the news. The salaries are also increasing day by day. The president of, Shravan Goli says, “Security plays an important part in the success of a company, which is the reason why more demands for professionals with security skills are increasing. Thus if companies and recruiters want to hire top security talents, they must offer generous compensation packages.”
Similarly the vice president of client services for recruiting process outsourcing firm Seven Step RPO, Jason Berkowitz said, “Some of our customers have truly increased their employment insecurity due to worries around these issues. They’re putting intensely in the ability with the aptitudes and experience to secure against these dangers. If I were promoting an IT professional where they ought to center their energies, or an understudy entering school for an IT degree, I’d let them know you can’t turn out badly with a software engineering degree and a specialization in security.”
Here are the list of 10 highest paying information security jobs:
Lead security software engineer- Average Salary: $233,333
Chief security officer – Average Salary: $225,000
Global information security director- Average Salary: $200,000
Security consultant- Average Salary: $198,909
Chief information security officer- Average Salary: $192,500
Director of security- Average Salary: $178,333
Cyber security lead- Average Salary: $175,000
Lead security engineers- Average Salary: $174,375
Cybersecurity engineer- Average Salary: $170,000
Application security manager- Average Salary: $165,000