World’s Most Amazing Camera and Videos is the ultimate Caught on Camera, reality show. Within one camera, there is 16 camera, this is the world’s most fantastic camera.

Do you want to click photo? Obviously. This is always the answer that we get any people about clicking the images. Who doesn’t like clicking pictures? Every people become excited about clicking photos at any time and during any occasion. Photos are our remembrance. The camera has become an identical part of our body as where ever we go; we carry a camera with us to click our memories all over.

American Company Light has released such an amazing and sophisticated camera. L16 named that camera has a particular feature that is this camera has separate-separate focal length’s 16 cameras has been kept. If we believe Silicon Valley Startup Light’s thing, then L16 can even be a competitor to DSLR camera. If it can compete with DSLR, then definitely it must be a fantastic camera to see and experience.

If we talk about its design, then this camera has 17 circular shapes at its back. Among them, one is an IR sensor, and the other 16 are cameras.

Every camera included in this camera captures the picture from separate angles respectively. Combining all of the cameras in one, it can prepare 72-megapixel high-resolution photo.

That is why this camera having a shape like of a smartphone is made in such a way that it can capture 52 megapixel’s DSLR camera like the quality photo.

Another feature of this device is that after clicking the photo also, again you can select the focus in that photo. Likewise, in less light too, it can capture a chromosomal picture. For this, this camera has got reducing image nice named feature.

In L16, there is 35mm’s five camera module, 70 mm’s 5 version, and 150mm’s six camera module. Likewise, at the back, it has five inches touch screen display as well where there are controlling features like charging, setting, zoom, focus, etc. This camera can take .jpg, .tiff and .rdng photo and it can also capture the video.

The company has kept the cost price of this camera, 1299 dollar. But, after six months its price will reach about 1699 dollar. The pre-booking of this camera has already been started and recently it is only made available in the American Market.

Wait until it is available in your country’s market.