Now a days people are getting so busy that they tend to neglect a certain time for proper exercise. Many people  would rather think up a thousand excuses than to start working out on a serious note.Then there are some people who try exercising but are unable to continue.People have given up on themselves because the goal seems so far out.We all understand it is not easy to exercise but its not as hard as you think.It is just a matter of understanding why its important to exercise and what beneficial attributes awaits once you start doing physical workouts .regardless of a persons fitness level,people should work out 30 minutes a day,four days a week.If you cannot work out for a day or you miss working out because of your busy schedule then you can get back on the track next day or whenever you can make time.

 If you have problem getting motivated then here are some tips that can help you get started.
*Walk a little more each day it may seem like a small step,but it really adds up.
*Get an instructor who can give you a routine.It will keep the boredom out and give you enough options and strength in training.
*In the beginning it may be plain boring,but expand your routing repertoire and try something new or just amp the intensity level.
*Try to prioritize your exercise routine.
*If you cannot manage time to go to a gym,DVDs are good enough source as long as you learn everything the right way.
*Always have an ambition about what you are targeting to do,you don’t have to do everything at once,just keep adding as you progress in  health.
*Go for walking ,hiking,running,cycling and swimming,they are great ways to stay in shape while you enjoy.
*Track the amount of progress you are making on a regular basis.
*Eat more consciously.Eat a balanced diet and learn to enjoy seasonal vegetable and fruits as much as possible.
*Stay hydrated.Some hunger pangs and cravings are just thirst in disguise.
* It is important to aim for something when you set out to exercise.It could be losing a few kilos or toning your muscles.
*Exercise challenges you, but it will make you feel good so,enjoy what you do.
Exercise has a lot of health benefits so to speak,so try exercising for about 20 minutes each day.Be responsible for your health and well being but most importantly  don’t let anyone discourage you, be true to yourself and get that desired body tone.