Tim Cook Offers Microsoft An Olive Branch At Box Enterprise Event

Tim Cook Offers Microsoft An Olive Branch At Box Enterprise EventBox CEO and co-founder Aaron device are working on Box worker event by siting down on Apple CEO Tim cook to discuss about collaboration and enterprise technology. The Google and Android i OS. Apple surprise positively on Apple’s relationship with its former nemeses.

Microsoft and apple can partner for the things compete in and what the costumer need. Cook told that being the partner of Microsoft is the great deal for the costumer.

Cook comments Apple for changing underscore over years which has been leading it surprisingly by different rule book for enterprise.

I don’t believe in holding gadgets because life is short. You will be get many friends to continue as i think it to deliver much better for working with major players according to costumer need.

Apple is known as the best consumer company for releasing products like iPhone and iPad which changed the face everyday. Cook said that apple has few years for building the enterprise features for software. Apple is more quiet about the move.

According to the Apple executive, the Apple is focusing on building the mobile computing which is not the surprisingly, iPhone  is the key point discussion.

Cook was very honest about Apple for not being good at everything. We don’t have drop knowledge about the enterprise which has less skills or leverage.

Google just ding Google during the roughly hour chat. The Apple CEO argued for having single operating system for both music and personal computer. This comment has recently released windows 10. According to cook it is trying to build new operating system for mobile productivity and desktop.