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There are so many problems that we face in our smartphones but among the most disturbing one is the overheating of the device. Overheating of the mobile can risk the battery life of your device. Some of the reason behind the overheating of smartphones can be charging, playing/recording 4K content or while using heavy apps.

In this article, we have to present some of the tips that you can follow to ensure that your smartphone doesn’t heat.

Remove case
If we put our smartphone in the cover case, then it can trap the heat emitted out of the handset and so deleting it can help reduce overheating to some extent.

Keep it on a hard surface while charging
During the time of charging your device; you should place it on a hard surface instead of on a bed or sofa which absorbs heat.  While loading, the heat produced gets trapped inside and warms up the smartphone even more.

Charging smartphones overnight
Limit the time for charging your smartphones. So many times, we leave our smartphones for charging overnight; doing so doesn’t only affect the efficiency of the battery in the long period, but also heats the device. There have been cases where smartphones battery have exploded due to overcharging.

Uninstall those apps
Kill all those apps which are a drain on both processing power as well as graphics; such apps to heat the device. This excess of processing power creates overheating of the invention.

Avoid direct sunlight
One shouldn’t keep their device in the place where there is direct access to sunlight. The heat coming from the sunshine along with all the processing power running in the background are bound to heat-up your smartphone.

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