Top 10 Best Torrent Sites for You to Free Download TV Shows/Series in 2020

Top 10 Best Torrent Sites for You to Free Download TV Shows

04 April 2020 Kathmandu

You probably have had difficulty finding a suitable torrent file for your favorite TV shows or series. Don’t worry, it happens with everyone. It is one of the toughest things because of so many promising torrent sites. We’ve got your covered – here we are discussing 10 torrent sites to download TV shows. Don’t waste your time, you will be able to find the torrent you’re looking for in any of these.

These sites are completely safe and active. However, you will need to take precautions against malicious links and spyware.

Besides, you can’t be too secure.

Are Torrent Sites To Download TV Shows Safe?

Torrent sites aren’t always secure which makes it easy for hackers and threat actors to take advantage of torrent sites. They might target their victims by infecting these torrent sites with dangerous malware or intrusive spyware to steal your private data.

We recommend the use of a VPN to mask your IP address and encrypt your traffic to protect your online identity. It is crucial if you want to hide your torrenting activity from your ISP.

Note: Torrenting may be illegal where you live. Always use a secure VPN to protect your identity online when you torrent. We don’t encourage any illegal activity.

After you’ve downloaded the torrent file, you can then use software like BitTorrent, uTorrent, etc. to download TV shows associated with the file.

Is Torrenting Illegal in Nepal?

Torrenting may be illegal where you live. However, its legality depends on the content and not in the torrent itself. So, in the context of Nepal, downloading content can be illegal if you downloaded pirated products. The products which are protected by copyrights are automatically out of bounds when it comes to the law.

Also, to take actions against downloading pirated content, the owner of the content must cooperate with law-keepers to carry the investigation forward. It can be a hectic process which most owners will hesitate to take. Another thing is the poor implementation of cyber law in Nepal that encourages online illegal activities and not torrents itself.

It is to be noted that we don’t encourage any illegal activity. Downloading torrent is legal as long as the content is not protected by any copyright.

10 Best Torrent Sites For TV Series in 2020

1.   The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the most popular torrent tracker in the world. It has some of its share in a long and rough history of multiple shutdowns and blocks. However, it is still growing strong.

You can browse and search for millions of torrents for TV shows, movies, etc. available in different categories. It also provides support for magnet links for quick torrent file download.

Pirate Bay is an online index of digital content of entertainment media

The Pirate Bay

It has an extremely clean and user-friendly interface. So, even beginners can use and navigate around the site quite easily.

Average download speed: 6.2 MB/s

Visit The Pirate Bay

Site not loading? Try:,,

2.   EZTV

EZTV definitely deserves a top spot on this list. It has an amazing list of TV shows with new episodes added every day. The site is easy to navigate and browse for new episodes of your favourite TV shows.

It’s basically heaven for TV junkies! You will never miss a single episode of your favourite TV show as long as you know about EZTV.

EZTV Torrent

EZTV – Best for TV Shows

It has a huge community with lots of active users. As a result, it is known as one of the best torrent sites to download TV shows.

From the latest hit series to late-night reality shows, you can find just about anything here. There is a separate page for popular TV shows on the site where you can find an organized list of all episodes.

Average download speed: 3.2 MB/s

Click here to check out EZTV

3.   1337x

One of the most excellent choices for movies, TV shows, games, and music torrent download is 1337x. It is very simple, organized and easy to use with a clean interface. It is one of the most popular torrent trackers currently – to the point where Google hides its search results.

1337x - Best Torrent Search Options

1337x – Best Torrent Search Options

Moreover, you can browse different categories on this site based on time relevancy. It shows the most popular downloads in the last 24 hours, last week and month. Also, you can see what is trending this week or month on the site.

This is quite a helpful feature for a torrent site to help users decide what to download. It clearly mentions the size and uploader of the torrent file.

Average download speed: 4.2 MB/s

Click here to visit 1337x

1337x minors:,,,,

4.   Torrentz2k

Previously idope, this site is undoubtedly one of the best torrent sites to download series or TV shows. This site was very popular in 2019 and now has turned into Torrentz2k, a torrent2k search engine torrent site.

It hosts over 18 million torrent sites on its website. From movie torrents to TV shows and music, it has it all.

Torrentz2k Official Torrentz2 Search Engine 2020

Torrentz2k (Previously idope)

In a very short time, it managed to grow in popularity with its website traffic and downloads. Moreover, you can also find paid software torrent easily on this torrent site.

All the more reasons to have it in the second place.

Visit Torrentz2k

5.   RARBG

Next on the list is highly on demand for its new content. RARBG has a very active community with lots of seeding for torrent files. You will find a large variety of old and new torrents on this site.

It has been around since 2008 and has built a reputation in the torrent world with high-quality files. In fact, its constant addition makes it one to check out every week which makes it one of the best torrent sites to download TV shows.

Download rarbg 2020 torrents

RARBG – find best new content

The site presents its top 10 list of popular torrents to help users download the trending topics.

Since it has been around for so long, it means it is less visible under the radar. As a result, RARBG is blocked in many countries including Bulgaria, Portugal, the UK, and Denmark.

Of course, you can use VPN software to bypass these blocks.

Average download speed: 6.1 MB/s

Check out RARBG

You can try these minors if the site is not loading:,,

6.   Torlock

Torlock offers a huge list of popular movies, TV shows, anime, ebook, and music torrents. Its clean design and interface allow users to navigate around the site easily.

It’s top 100 torrents list helps users find the best content.

The No Fakes Torrent Site

Torlock – The No Fakes Torrent Site

This torrent site is actually popular for HD anime episodes and reading materials. Some of the files in this site are difficult to find on other trackers – but you can easily find them on Torlock.

So why not give it a try?

Besides, there is over 4.8 million stuff to choose from on Torlock.

Average download speed: 4.4 MB/s

Visit Torlock

7.   Torrentz2

Next is the popular torrent search engine for music torrents. However, you will find the best quality TV show torrents as well.

Basically, it is like the 2.0 version of the Torrentz website which has been blocked by the government in almost every country. The developer team went with Torrentz2 to retain the revenue of the domain.

10 Best Torrent Sites That REALLY Work in April 2020

Torrentz2 – Best Music and TV Shows Content

Torrentz2 remains the top choice for original size music content. The site has a clean and minimalist interface that is simple to use.

It has an upper hand when it comes to its search result speed. The site will fetch your searched torrent file within a matter of seconds – a huge advantage over other torrent providing sites.

Average download speed: 2.0 MB/s

Check out Torrentz2

8.   Zooqle

Zooqle is another brilliant site to download your favourite TV shows or series. Basically, it is the Google of the torrent world.

In fact, it has the best content for the latest games and is extremely popular among gamers.

Zooqle magnets not working

Zooqle doesn’t disappoint as a newcomer

It has over 3.5 million verified torrent files. Moreover, it has a huge fan base as a newcomer for movies, tv shows, and games.

The interface is clean and easy-to-use. However, it might use some minor improvements in the visual appeal area.

Although, it certainly has the potential to get bigger and better in the future.

Average download speed: 2.6 MB/s

Visit Zooqle

9.   TorrentDownloads

If you are looking for an extensive and organized torrent library, you definitely want to check out TorrentDownloads. This torrent site offers an exciting collection of new and old movies and TV shows.

Torrent Downloads - Find the best new and old TV shows and movies

TorrentDownloads – Find the best new and old TV shows and movies

This site has an impressive torrent collection with ease of navigation. You can also find interestingly classic ebooks and rarely-used software on TorrentDownloads.

It is one of the most popular sites which makes it visible on the radar.

So a pro tip for you – make sure you use a VPN because it might be blocked in your country.

Average download speed: 2.8 MB/s

Visit TorrentDownloads

10.   LimeTorrents

When everything fails, you go for Plan B. LimeTorrents is your Plan B in the torrent world with torrents from bigger and better trackers.

It is a nice alternative for other sites if you are looking for new TV shows or movie releases.

LimeTorrents Alternatives

LimeTorrents – the best alternative for new releases is one of the most decent torrent sites to download series for free. It provides an excellent user experience with a simple and organized layout.

However, it isn’t the first choice for a reason. The poor health and lack of seeding can occasionally be a major issue. This impacts the availability of the torrent file and its download speed.

Average download speed: 3.7 MB/s

Check out LimeTorrents

Final Words

Such torrent websites are necessary for TV junkies to keep up with the latest episodes of their favourite TV shows. These sites have an amazing list of torrents for entertainment in any language.

But if privacy concerns you, then you must use a reliable VPN software to hide your online activities. It also helps your favourite torrent site to keep running.

Torrenting and some torrent sites may be illegal in some countries. Check out our list of 10 best VPN software that can help you out.

Once you’ve secured your identity, you can easily download torrents and stream your favourite TV show for free.


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