Top Group Of Companies In Nepal, Tech Startup

Cloud factory is a platform of connecting one million people in the developing world to basic computer work. It is not more than just a tech startup, it raises the workers up as leaders to take actions against poverty in their own localities.
The head office of Cloud Factory in Nepal is located at Bhaisipati, Lalitpur.  Nowadays companies are searching for a better way to handle the size and volume of data related work which has become serious to the daily works. These data take the form of Audio/ Video, Scanned Images, Photos or Web Content. Cloud Factory offers a perfect match of human- machine bond to achieve greater scale data processed more efficiently and at a cheaper cost than the previous methods.
Technology alone can only do so much that people alone cant even think to try. The Cloud Factory technology platforms crush a large pile of data into smaller computer tasks that are transferred in parallel and completed in desired time by the distributed international working manpower. Cloud factory provides with accurate and timely results to the clients all around the world that requires data scientists, software engineers , business optimization experts and a host of other genius people to come together at the offices in Nairobi, Kathmandu, Durham and Hong Kong.
Cloud Factory is a tool for generating “word clouds” from an input text, giving more emphasis to the most repeated words in it, with many options to customize the output like layout, font, colors.The benefits of Cloud Factory are retirement saving scheme. Once you are a legitimate Cloud worker you will have yourself a provision of retirement saving scheme.
It also has the provision of free medical and accidental insurance for employees and family. Another great benefit is Health Spending Account. There are also features such as Transportation and Internet allowance that allows discount on transportation fees and internet charges. It also gives allowances on festivals. It also provides the employees with free lunch and snacks. Another benefit of Cloud Factory is Generous vacation policy.