Almost everyone is using an android phone because of its user flexibility and they are even using different browsers to do their online activities. Browser is especially designed to work as an interface between internet and user. Besides, there are many popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, UC Browser and many more, many of us are using. So, on this article I revel the importance of these browsers with some features.

  1. Dolphin Browser.
  • It has very attractive appearance.
  • Page loading speed is very good.
  • Main feature of it is that it can enhance the site like old site and works perfectly only on old flash players.
  • Has the best gaming and video experience with Adobe Flash player.
  • Cognito browsing offers you having private browsing experience.
  • It is one of the best Ad Block browser.
  1. Chrome Beta
  • It is much better than Google Chrome Browser
  • We get live updates of the browser directly from Google.
  • We can even give feedbacks regarding browser development.
  1. Puffin Browser
  • It is highly customizable, with backgrounds and other add-on functions.
  • All traffic from Puffin app to Puffin server are encrypted and protected from hackers.
  • Theater mode for Flash Videos and games.
  1. Javelin Incognito Browser
  • It is especially used for security and keeping or maintain privacy.
  • It can surf anonymously over the internet.
  • In this browser all your saved cookies, cache and history get automatically deleted when you “Exit “ the browser.
  1. Link Bubble Browser
  • This browser give you an indication after a page is loaded completely
  • Light and dark theme
  • Load multiple links from your current app at the same time.
  1. UC Browser
  • It doesn’t freeze and it maintains a good flowing.
  • It preserves your battery life.
  • It speeds up Facebook.
  • It has Adblock.
  1. Opera Mini
  • It is one of the fastest browsers.
  • It saves lots of precious MB’s.
  • It doesn’t take much time to open
  • Can easily change the browser language from the settings menu.
  1. Google Chrome
  • This is fast and handy.
  • You can sync your bookmarks, history etc.
  • Open as many tabs as you want.
  1. CM Browser
  • CM means clean master browser is an ultra lightweight mobile browser.
  • It protects you from malicious threats and gives fast speed.
  1. Chrome Canary
  • This is unstable version of Google Chrome.
  • It is recommended for developers and advanced users only.
  • However this is extremely fast in fact fastest browser on the play store.