Most of the top technology companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are using updated algorithms and AI. There are also lots of disruptive technologies many companies are using, which is going to be discussed on this article.

  1. Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML)

Both technologies are totally different from traditional algorithms and programs. Gartner predicts that the applied AI advanced machine Learning will inspire the applications like autonomous vehicles, virtual personal assistants, robots, smart advisors and consumer electronics.

  1. Intelligent Applications or Apps

Intelligent apps make our lives easier i.e. personal assistants. Gartner predicts that about next 10 years almost many application and service will make use some kind of AI and expand as well.

  1. Intelligent Things

The machine that uses the applied machine learning to interact with the environments and people more naturally is called as Intelligent Things. Intelligent things like drone, autonomous vehicles and smart appliances will work together and collaborate with environment as said by Gartner.

  1. VR and AR

They will form a digital mesh by collaboration with mobile, wearables, IOT devices and apps.

  1. Digital Twin

A dynamic software model that responds to the changes accordingly and improves its operations by using the sensor data to understand its state is called Digital Twin. They are used for planning and repairing equipment services, for operating factories and increasing efficiency by including the combination of metadata, state, event data and analytics. It helps to replace the combination of skilled human resources and traditional monitoring devices.

  1. Block chain and Distributed Ledgers

They hold the power to transform the operating models since the industry thinks. They have future uses in identity verification, title registry, supply chain, music distribution etc.

  1. Conversational System

In the conversational system, the focus will shift from chat bots and microphone-enabled devices to the digital meshes.

  1. Mesh Application and Service Architecture(MASA)

To create an application for the end user, in MASA, mesh app and service architecture, mobile, desktop and IoT apps are connected to a mesh of back-end service.

  1. Digital Technology Platforms

Gartner pointed out the 5 major focal points like information systems, customer experience, analytics and intelligence, the IoT and business ecosystems to enable new capabilities and model businesses.

  1. Adaptive Security Architecture

Due to a complex world of interconnected platforms and applications, the technology companies will be focusing more on the security applications.