Torrent Download Depends On Many Factors

First the number of Seeders and the no. of leeches participating on the torrent you are trying to download. The more is this number, the more download speed you will get. As far as the seeders and leecher are concerned, Seeder is a person who has a torrent file open in their client (let’s say the same file you are trying to download) and the only difference between you and them is that they have the complete file downloaded already and are now “seeding” – sharing the file with peers but not downloading any parts of the file from others.

Peer (also called leecher) is the same thing, except they don’t have the complete file yet. However, peers still share whatever part of the data they already downloaded with other peers who might be missing that part (the file itself is fragmented into tiny pieces that are then shared).seeders are people already done with their download but are still uploading the data (which is their civic duty). Peers are people who are downloading new packets and uploading the already downloaded packages of the particular torrent simultaneously. But leachers are those who just download, no uploading.

So basically, you’re a peer until you have 100% of the file downloaded. As a peer, you download the fragments of the data from other peers and also seeds. You only share with other peers, since seeds already have everything and don’t need anything from you. Then when you close your torrent client or remove the particular torrent from your queue, you stop being included in the torrent seed/peer numbers.

The number of peers simply shows you the number of unique people trying to download the same file as you. Having peers is not enough, though. Usually, you’d need at least one seed, ideally more. Otherwise, it might be hard or even impossible to get 100% of the file just from other peers. Some portions of the data would probably be missing (none of the peers would have specific fragments) and without a seed, there would be no way to fill in these blanks.

Your speed,d varies depending on your internet speed. But more importantly, is the other number of people using that torrent it depends on the torrent’s seed to peer ratio. If your torrent had more seeds, then you would have probably gotten more speed.T he speeds depends on how many seeders (people who are contributing the file by uploading for others to download) are there, the maximum upload speeds they have set, the maximum download speed you have set, and your connection speed.

Torrent Download depends on many factors. First the number of Seeders and the number of leechers participating in the torrent you are trying to download. The more is these (seeders and leechers) number the more download speed you will get.

It depends on the active seeders you are connected to by the trackers that you are using. Sometime, the number of seeders doesn’t matter. Here are the possible cases when you can get good speed.

1) A considerable number of seeders, with fewer numbers of leechers.
2) Less number of seeders, yet you use a good connection.