Toshiba Kira is a series of an Ultrabook which demonstrate 2013 models. This series like an Ultrabook having the smart looks which is rarely stood. The largest model we have to face was against Macbook pro Retina, Dell XPS13, Lenovo Idea pad yoga 2 pro etc.

This is obviously become the top competition. The model has high price with the end of Ultrabook spectrum which will be the Toshiba error. While comparing with UX305, this is cheaper but having the similar features but the thing is how finely it features. This thing doesnot enough to justify price tag.

This has 9.5 mm thickness. This is thicker than Samsung S4/Iphone. It is not a tough book which you do not bend and keep it by the screen. This does not replace desktop. It restrict the usage of web browsing and email. This has good battery life.

The Kiras is the weight bracket for your pics and the Asus Zenbook pro is lighter but it does not feel heavy. There are some wasted space on the screen. It looks beautiful which makes ideal buffer zone, absord surface won’t break anytime. It couldn’t be polished.

It accommodate nice package. As for a time comparing with lenevo lavia Z. Its two third of Kira’s weight. They both have same graphic and solid CPU, has capacity 8 GB RAM, HD webcam. They both have the same price tag. The connectivity and the port is highly standard where the headphone and micro phone is inserted. They have three USB 3.0 port. These both support charge and sleep when the laptop is turned off.

The battery backup is obviously high. The screen is stunning with the huge resolution which enables richness to impress. The screen brightness hadn’t been addressed in the previous two model. It has the consistent brightness which pumps out nicely. It has some bounded software which cannot accept or installed as default. This has the particular aspects weather they have subtle in the background.

There is not the Facilities of Mac free Antivirus it just annoying the total version which can be solid or removed. This always targeted the Mac Book audience. It is very pleasant for us to use having an attractive machine.