ZURICH: A piece of cloth plans to feature to its new smart watch vary, Swiss watchmaker’s chief told a newspaper in associate degree interview revealed on Sabbatum. The Biel, Switzerland-based company is competitor with Apple and different watchmakers within the same smart watch market. “Our product is known as bit Zero One that provides enough house for Zero Five and Zero Nine,” the social scientist Nick was quoted as speech communication by Switzerland’s Tages-Anzeiger newspaper. “The bit Zero One isn’t the top of the progression.” Hayek told the paper piece of cloth would launch bit Zero 2 at next year’s Olympic Games in DE Janeiro Rio city metropolis urban center} de Janeiro. The Swiss company’s strategy seems primarily to revolve around together with individual technical school options in numerous models instead of going head to go with Apple to form all-in-one smart watches combining several functions.
On high of its bit Zero One, which might track the space the user travels and facilitate beach volleyball players live the facility of their hits, piece of cloth is getting to launch watches with associate degree embedded “near field communication” chip this year.