Tourism Udhyami Seed Camp

October 28, 2018, Kathmandu, Nepal

The global tourism sector has already taken a giant step into the future. Tourism sector not only welcomes the travel lovers around the world, but it also embraces the ideas of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs around the world who seek to contribute to the tourism sector via different viable ideas. In this context, Nepal Tourism Board and Udhaymi Innovations, an organization working to build the start-up ecosystem in Nepal, have initiated, “Tourism Udhyami Seed Camp”, a platform for entrepreneurs to innovate and start new ventures in the travel, tourism & hospitality sector in collaboration with Laxmi Bank, Laxmi capital, GATE College, Nepal Telecom, World Innovation Forum, Imagine Nepal and Codewing Solutions.

Tourism Udhyami Seed Camp seeks to identify innovative startups that are capable of transforming the way people travel and experience tourism at present. Against the call of applications from aspiring entrepreneurs, 61 eligible applications were received, out of which 34 most appropriate and viable ideas were shortlisted for the interviews. The selection jury has selected the best and most appropriate 20 teams based on the pre-designed criteria of selection. The standards for the ideal choice based on four main themes;

  1. Ideas for Tourists’ Service Enhancement
  2. Digital/Technology transformation and innovations in the Tourism and Hospitality sector
  3. Ideas to enrich Tourist Experiences
  4. Plans for Community tourism development
  5. Encourage Women Involvement

The selected team will now go through an intensive boot-camp at Pokhara from 30 Oct-4 November in Pokhara, where they are expected to validate their idea and learn the fundamentals of doing business from industry experts, senior entrepreneurs, and business trainers. The teams then follow through another month of follow-up sessions where they develop their product and pitch it in front of more than 300 different stakeholders including potential investors, possible collaborators, senior tourism entrepreneurs, and business experts.

Mr. Deepak Raj Joshi, CEO, NTB defined Tourism Udhyami Seed camp as a platform initiated for the entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, early-stage startups aimed to uplift the tourism entrepreneurship of Nepal. Laxmi Bank and Laxmi Capital are known for their innovative products and many “firsts” in 16 years of their business have come on board at ToursimUdhyami Seed Camp as Banking and Finance partner. Along with providing much-needed mentorships on finance, they plan to provide access to investment and possible investors to entrepreneurs looking forward to growing their business. While, GATE College, the knowledge partner of the program intends to provide access

to mentors and its resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and aspirations. As communications partner, Nepal Telecom has extended its hands to support technological sound startups that might need telecom support to go forward with their business. Other stakeholders like Imagine Nepal, Code-wing Solutions and World Innovation Forum have also partnered with the organizers as adventure partner, technology partner, and strategic partners respectively with each bringing their crucial strength and support to the noble initiative.


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